The illuminated signs that we have produced cannot only be seen in Estonia, but also in the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia.

We have designed and created illuminated signs for many different shopping centers and retail chains like Selver, Rimi, Arsenal and Kvartal to name a few and we are capable of manufacturing and installing signs for up to 20 stores at a time. The combination of experience with state of the art machinery allowes us to cover the entire Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia with illuminated signs. 


Valgusreklaam is a company with more than 25 years of experience whose main output is to manufacture and install illuminated signs. We owe the most modern technology in Estonia that allowes us to create the most innovative solutions for our clients.


3D letters are probably one of the most exciting forms of illuminated signs and are an excellent opportunity to deliver and forward Your messages to the desired clientele. 3D letters are mostly used to display corporate logos, but can also be used to emphasize other slogans and messages.


Illuminated boxes are probably the most common type of illuminated signs that can be witnessed in a densely populated area almost after every meter. The idea and purpose of an illuminated box is to make oneself as visible as possible for the customer. That’s why they can mostly be seen near shops, businesses, bars and other populated places.


Interior signs are a vital part in the design of every major shopping center. Interior signs are used to guide and inform the client, to highlight important destinations and to create an unforgettable atmosphere. 


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